Dark Park

It seems appropriate that the first post on our family blog is about our first family adventure. While we’ve had offers to bring Aiden with us on trips to the homes of our friends and family, our knowledge of his skittish tendencies around strange humans and his reliance on his dog door to relieve himself have prevented us from accepting. But when Sean decided it was finally time we took a camping trip our first family adventure began!

Sean has talked about going to a dark park for camping and star gazing for a while. I love to camp so never protested but our calendar fills up quickly and we’ve had a hard time finding a weekend for camping. So when we realized the first weekend in May was unscheduled we all headed to West Virginia for a Friday-Sunday camping trip.

West Virginia is a beautiful state, especially in May.  So many mountains and trees in full spring bloom.  As we got closer and closer and drove higher and higher up the mountain to our camp site, we noticed the trees went from full spring bloom to early spring buds to bare winter trees.  It turns out that it’s still very cold almost 5,000 feet up.  But we’d driven four hours, we’d invested in a new tent and fishing poles, we were so prepared with snacks and ready to see some stars.  So despite the chill we set up our camp.


And we collected fire wood to get started on dinner.  This was successful until Sean decided letting Aiden off his lease was a good idea.  The guy bolted through the woods wanting us to chase him.  Luckily we caught him eventually but it was touch and go there for a minute.

Let’s remember that I was camping with Sean so typical hot dogs weren’t going to cut it for dinner.  We had tacos instead.  A nod to Cinco de Mayo and actually easier than I thought over a campfire (it helped that we had a cast iron skillet).  And the left over toppings made great scrambled eggs the next morning.

Camping 002

Staying Warm

Once the sun went down it got cold.  So cold.  We got in a quick walk, saw a few shooting stars (!), but quickly called it quits to get into our tent to stay warm. Which didn’t work out very well.  We’re pretty sure it dropped below freezing overnight.  We did our best to put on as many layers as we could and even wrapped a blanket around Aiden, but we just weren’t prepared for freezing.  At some point in the middle of it all we both agreed we couldn’t handle another night of shivering sleep.  So very shortly after making breakfast we packed up and headed home.

It’s for the best, really.  We didn’t have enough firewood to make it through another night and Aiden is NOT an outdoor dog.  Aside from his escape attempt he was afraid of the fire, wouldn’t drink or eat his food, and really didn’t like sleeping on hard ground (the guy is spoiled by his soft bed and the couch).  Despite the failed camping trip we were still able to have a nice weekend together as a family.  We took Aiden to the dog park and made blue cheese stuff burgers for ourselves.

And don’t worry, we’ll get to use those fishing poles.  We already made a reservation at the same site for the July 4th weekend.  We’ll go sans Aiden and hike, fish, and make it through two nights!

dog park
Sean really wanted Aiden to join him on the jungle gym but Aiden would have none of that!

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