An Evening at the US Tax Court

One of Sean’s professional involvements is with the Tax Section of the ABA. They meet three times a year and at each meeting there’s always a breakfast where ideas for panels and events for the upcoming meeting are discussed. At the meeting in Boston this past fall, a decade old idea came up for discussion: a dinner at the US tax court during the spring meeting in DC. Because of Sean’s involvement with the Inns of Court, he has regular interaction with the tax court judges and finds himself at the tax court at least once a month. So he was nominated to organize and execute! He had some help from the tax court of course, but with a guest list of 200 this was a pretty big undertaking. He worked very hard to make sure everything came together. And it did, perfectly, last night.

I was lucky enough to join Sean, and it was nice to get a small glimpse into this area of his life. He introduced me to some of the judges he interacts with and other tax colleagues. It was clear that spending an evening in the US tax court mingling with the judges was really an honor for many of the out-of-town attendees. The judges mentioned a few times that they hoped to host the event again. All in all a huge success, and actually pretty fun. Well done, Favorite!

tax court outer

tax court set up
I appreciated that the event used New Course catering, an organization that provides culinary arts training to low-income and homeless men and women.

tax court doorway
I was proud of my ability to sneak a few pictures!

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