A Weekend of Celebrations!

So many members of Sean’s family were in town this past weekend to celebrate his cousin’s wedding! Lucky us that it was also Mother’s Day weekend and we celebrated with his mom, and close enough to his sister Allison’s birthday that we could give her a present. So much to celebrate in just one weekend!

Gifts and invitations galore!

birthday Allison
I’d like to think Allison looks just as delighted to receive and wear her birthday glasses as I was to give them to her!

I think the highlight for me was getting to dance so much with Sean, Allison, and Mike. Allison and Mike were willing to dance any time I called them to the floor and even did the Sarah dance with Sean and me during Crazy in Love. Dancing the Sarah dance to Crazy In Love at a wedding is just one of my most favorite things. I wish we had some pictures of us dancing. We were totally the best ones on the floor.

Actually, maybe just picking one highlight is difficult. I also love how Mike finds cheese in any situation, how we were all so excited to get to the crab dip at Aunt Kate’s house for the post-wedding brunch, how Sean flashed my favorite smiled of his a few times (where the lips just curl up slightly), that we got to talk wedding with Allison (she and Mike are next in June 2014!) and that Beth and I realized we were on the same page as Allison about themes and ideas the whole time (!), and just generally being together.

Jenny & Kurt's Wedding 003
We’re a good looking group. I’m already looking forward to our next get together.

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