Week in Review

Things happened this week but everything is too small for its own post, so I’m going to review the highlights. In the future my approach may change. Maybe the small things that happen within the week aren’t worth any acknowledgement on the blog. I mean, I have no pictures. Is a post worth it without pictures? I guess we’ll find out.

First, we are so excited about this!

Sean and I had a team building moment on Wednesday: fly killing. A fly was waiting for us in our room when we went to bed on Wednesday. Sean was not pleased. I tried to tell him to find a swatter of some sort and we’d wait for it to have four legs on a surface instead of all six (they can’t take off with only four so they’re easier to kill! It works! Thanks, Mom!). Sean had no patience for that. Somehow he swooped the fly into the bathroom and shut the two of them inside. I’m not sure of his initial plan. The window in the bathroom is broken so he wouldn’t have been able to open it and let the fly out. There was some banging around inside and finally I suggested he find my hair spray and spray it to death. There was some trouble finding the hair spray (I don’t how to effectively explain how easy it is to find the hair spray…I guess we’ll just leave it at that), but once found success! It took a little more spray than anticipated and our rug’s a little sticky now, but success!

Last night I went to a session through Junior League for expecting parents. I’m not expecting, but it’s not too far off.  It was a little overwhelming. And it didn’t help that someone posted this on Facebook this morning. Maybe this little happening could be a post on its own, but I haven’t been able to collect all my thoughts yet. At least the session leader put together an excellent resource manual. I’ve been blindly Googling things lately and this will help.  It’s also already made me a fan of Pregnant Chicken. Until I’ve fully collected my thoughts, I’m taking a small break from researching pregnancy and newborns and will instead delight in how blissful motherhood seems for this woman.  And how funny it is for this one.

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