Weekend in Food

Sean and I weren’t supposed to spend Saturday and Sunday evenings together due to separate plans. But everything ended up canceling and we spent the whole weekend together! It was wonderful.

We have a good routine going for weekends when we have nothing to do.  Sean typically plays computer games in the basement, and I catch up on TV shows like Mad Men or leaf through magazines or read in the living room.  Sean comes up from the basement every now and then to see how I’m doing, and I’ll pop down when I have a question or want to tell him something.  He always comes up at times when he thinks I should be hungry to make sure I’m okay and ask if I’d like him to make me something to eat.

Since there wasn’t much going on our meals were this weekend’s highlights. On Saturday we made pasta and meatballs. The meatballs were left over from months ago, so putting this meal together was pretty simple.


Although we do take our mushrooms seriously, and they can take a little time. I brush off the dirt with a damp paper towel, and Sean magically seasons and sautees them.  Usually we use pappardelle pasta, but Sean came home with tri colored rotini.  We don’t usually buy tri colored pasta, but he was really excited about this purchase.  It was good.  We like pasta that holds the sauce.

tri colored pasta

coming together


Sunday was make your own pizza night.  When we’re ordering pizza out we’ll get one pizza to share between the two of us.  When we get to make our own we always make two because we both have specific ideas about the perfect pizza.  Sean likes a very, very thin crust.  I like a thinner crust in the middle but love a thicker outer crust so I can dip it in extra pizza sauce.

naked pizzas

pizza fixings

We also like slightly different toppings.  Sean puts breakfast sausage and pepperoni on his, but I just stick with pepperoni.  I also don’t always use olives and sometimes like jalapenos.

Sarah's cooked pizza

My finished product…

Sean's cooked pizza

and Sean’s.

So a very relaxing and tasty weekend for us!

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