Chopping Broccoli

On Tuesday before Sean left for work he asked me what I wanted for dinner. I told him I wanted the orecchiette pasta with broccoli dish. (I included the link but ours never comes out like this. Sean magically spices everything and adds an onion. This week’s version was heavy on paprika, but sometimes it’s heavy on the red pepper flake and we never use fennel seed.  It’s one of our favorites.) Since he was biking to and from work, I told him I would chop the broccoli if I got home before him. That resonated with Sean and he sang “chopping broccoli” to himself as he walked down the stairs to his bike. Sean sings to himself all the time. Not usually in the morning, but often.

I didn’t beat Sean home. Very soon after I walked through the door he excitedly told me he found something. A YouTube video with Dana Carvey at the piano. So we’re watching the video and it’s completely unclear to me how this is relevant or interesting. I had just gotten home, I hadn’t had the chance to change into my comfy clothes, and I’m watching this stupid video. What is the point, dear husband? Finally, at about 2:40 out of about 4 minutes of video, Dana Carvey starts to sing about a woman buying broccoli. A few seconds later she’s chopping broccoli (and chopping more and more, he kind of goes on about it)! Sean’s excited with laughter at this find. He had a hunch this morning this was a song! Sean ended up chopping the broccoli himself, but that didn’t take away the fun of singing that song before and while he made dinner.

He’s a funny guy. And, yes, you know he did that just the ends of the lip curl up smile that he does when he’s proud of something or he thinks he’s done something funny but is trying to hide from you the fact he knows it is funny. I just love him and that smile.

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