Memorial Day Weekend

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! It’s so nice to have three whole days off, but also makes it harder to get back into work. Sean and I were able to spend Memorial Day with a variety of friends.

On Friday we went to a Nationals game with a friend of mine from college, Jess.

Action Shot


The Nationals have several large-headed presidents who serve as sort of mascots.  They race each other at some point in every game.  Lincoln’s fallen down, Teddy is still in the game, but I think it’s Taft that won this race.



Here’s Sean, Jess, and me enjoying the game.  It was very, very cold for Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday morning Sean got up sooooo early to go golfing.  Then we headed to Maryland for a little party hosted by my friend, Kristen, and her husband, Dave.

photo 5

Here’s Ashley, Kristen, and me.  More college friends and the three of us serve on our sorority’s advisory board together.  With two other friends not pictured here we make up a group that we refer to as the Silver Sig Kaps.  At Kristen’s wedding there was clearly a table for a younger generation of Sigma Kappas and then our table, the older generation.  So we’ve fondly dubbed ourselves as Silvers.

Kristen and Dave have FIVE dogs!  Two mastiffs and three pugs.  Not to mention that she’s the chair of our sorority’s advisory board, reads almost every book on the planet, knows news almost as soon as it’s released, is very connected to social media, gardens, and has a full time job as a teacher.  I don’t know how she does it.

photo 2

In this picture we have the three pugs, Hubert, McLovin, and….Bailey?  I guess they can only handle just one mastiff at a time.  That’s Frank the Tank and Dolores stayed in the basement.

photo 4

Mastiffs are giant!

photo 3

Making friends 🙂

Sunday we headed into Virginia wine country with our friends Meredith and Ryan.  Sean dated Meredith very briefly, but they realized early on that they made better friends. I’m glad they figured that out because we really like spending time with Meredith and Ryan. They are getting married in October very close to the vineyards we toured on Sunday, so we got to drive past their venue in addition to tasting some wine.

photo 1

photo 2 Wine Tasting 002

We could not have picked a better day.  It was beautiful on Sunday.

Wine Tasting 020

We did some wine tasting in Virginia for Sean’s 31st birthday.  Virginia wine is not awesome, but we really enjoyed Delaplane.  At the time of our last visit they were sourcing all of their grapes, so the wine we tasted perviously was not from the grapes grown on the property.  This time a decent percentage of the grapes were for the property, and we were very happy to find we still liked the wine.

Wine Tasting 025

Wine Tasting 022

No pictures to share, but we topped off the weekend with a party on Memorial Day with some of Sean’s colleagues.  I think our only regret of the weekend is that we didn’t build more time in to just relax with one another.  I guess that’s what vacation is for.  Only 9 more days and 2 4-day weeks stand in our way!

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