Fruits and Veggies and Coconut Water…Oh My!

When it comes to workweek breakfasts I’m pretty specific. Dry oatmeal squares with the occasional oatmeal thrown in if I’ve run out. For the past two mornings I’ve had bananas, blueberries, and strawberries for breakfast. Tasty, but not my usual.


Why have I deviated from my norm? Well, in a little less than a week Sean and I will be winging our way to the West Coast to explore Eugene, OR, San Francisco, and Las Vegas on a very food heavy itinerary. So with some anxiousness about how the itinerary will affect our waistlines, we decided we would try Dr. Oz’s 3-day detox.

I’ve seen other detox diets where you’re asked to drink straight coconut water. Ick. The combination of fruits, vegetables, and other items for Dr. Oz’s drinks seemed like a tastier option. Not intentionally we started day 1 with dinner instead of breakfast.  I wish I had thought to take pictures, but as the ingredients were whipped up in our blender the color became more and more unappetizing.  The recipe made A LOT, almost too much, and the satisfaction level of drinking our dinner was low, very low.  I came home hungry (starving, really) and this blended drink wasn’t doing the trick (but I guess remaining in a small state of hunger is the point?).  Sean didn’t like it at all either.  Just the idea that he was ingesting kale wasn’t working for him.  He commented, “if this is what we need to do for a longer life than I’ll die at 80.”  Old, happy habits are hard to break.  Pizza, pasta, and pork makes us happy.  We abandoned the idea of a blended drink detox .  But what will we do with all of these freshly purchased fresh fruits and vegetables?  What does one do with 4 liters of coconut water if not detoxing?!


We had 12 containers of raspberries!


I only have an answer to the first question:  you eat them.  So bananas, strawberries, and blueberries for breakfast it is!  And lots of celery, cucumbers, apples, and almond butter for lunch.  Hey, they’re healthy, good for you foods so almost as good as detoxing!  Just with a crunch.  A much, much more satisfying crunch.

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