West Coast Trip Part V: Las Vegas

When Sean told me Las Vegas was part of my birthday trip, I kind of thought it was a location he had snuck in for himself. The last time he went he had a great time and ate some really good food. As always, we did a lot of walking, and it wasn’t until about half way through our walk the first day that it clicked. We were here for the lobbies! As I mentioned in my San Francisco post, I love lobbies. And if there’s a place to see enormous and crazy lobbies, Las Vegas is it! Las Vegas was on the list for me after all. What a guy!

June 2013 West Coast Trip 374

The lobbies in Las Vegas are crazy, over-the-top, and awesome! We didn’t even get to see all of them and we didn’t get to explore every detail of every one. Apparently we missed a botanical garden in the Bellagio, a Titanic exhibit at the Luxor, and sharks at Mandalay Bay! I took a million pictures, so I’ll just share the highlights of my favorite lobbies.  The Wynn’s, where we stayed, was probably the best.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 295

June 2013 West Coast Trip 292

June 2013 West Coast Trip 313

The Bellagio’s.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 327

Actually, more than the lobby I loved their fountains.  I could have stood and watched them for a long time.  The fountains are perfectly choreographed to songs, and they play a new song every 15 minutes at night.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 334

And Caesar’s Palace.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 307

It almost looks like this one was taken outside, but we are inside.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 308

While we were in Caesar’s Palace we got a little hungry. They have a bar right in their lobby, so we stopped in for a bite to eat and a cocktail. Sean, on his own, picked out…deviled eggs! And he ate them! Here’s proof!

June 2013 West Coast Trip 300

Oysters, deviled eggs…what is happening? By way of background, as a young child Sean overdid it with the deviled eggs one day. I’m not sure I have the story straight, but I think he ate an entire dozen on his own and wasn’t able to touch them until now and would cringe if they were even mentioned.  While in Denver for business recently, his boss ordered deviled eggs with an oyster on top (I know, of all things, I would have thought bacon, too) and now, magically, he’ll eat them again.

Aside from the trip focusing on lobbies, we also went to shows. We saw Cirque du Soliel’s O at the Bellagio, which was by far the best. We’ve seen Cirque du Soliel shows when they come to DC, but it’s much better with their own arena.


We also saw a comedy show starring Seth Meyers, which was so funny, and David Copperfield, which I think I liked more than Sean.

Back in 2010, when Sean and I celebrated my birthday for the first time, we celebrated late around June 12. Our dinner at L’Atelier in the MGM Grand, at least in my mind, was the big birthday dinner with just us two. It was June 14 (also our 14 month anniversary!). Three years ago I wore the same strapless black dress that I wore this time and three years ago I had a stress fracture in my foot and this time I had strained foot. I like the similarities between the two, so thought it would be fun to share the picture of us from my birthday celebration three years ago (the first picture taken of us together)….

2010 birthday

And the one from this year.  We’ve changed physically, but when I look at this older picture of us I also think about how we’ve changed as individuals and together in the last three years.  It’s interesting to be reminded of that first birthday celebration when we were still so new as a couple (just under two months).

June 2013 West Coast Trip 366

We really enjoyed our meal at L’Atelier.  It was one of the best of the trip.  We particularly loved the butter!

June 2013 West Coast Trip 365

Sean ate at the restaurant next door (owned by the same chef) about a year ago and had this butter for the first time then.  As with this time, it was one of his favorite part of the meal.  It comes from a small town in France and they only export a small amount to the United States.  Joël Robuchon, the chef, gets most of that small amount.  Sean tried really hard to get his hands on some of this butter, and I even tried as a birthday gift, but it’s difficult.  So this was a real treat.

Another night we went to Sinatra at the Encore (which a sister hotel to the Wynn with a connecting lobby) for dinner and had the best service!  I thought the restaurant was well done, which can be tricky when you have such a specific theme.  They played Frank Sinatra songs all night and the menu included things that either reminded you of Frank or were recipes from the Sinatra family.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 320

Sean started with the Sinatra Smash cocktail, which, as you can probably guess, was Frank’s signature drink.  I can’t remember what mine was called but it had a hibiscus flower.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 317

I started with Frank’s Clams Posilipo, which the waitress told me is a Sinatra family recipe.  It was tasty, and I thought it was fun they worked that closely with the family for menu items.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 322

For dinner Sean order veal parmesan with a side order of…eggplant parmesan.  When the waitress left I asked him if he realized he ordered two fried, cheese layered items.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 323

He was aware.  He ordered the two together because as he looked through the menu it reminded him of Gene Parmesan, the detective from Arrested Development.  After he told me this, he did the Lucille Bluth scream with hands up the way she does every time she’s surprised by Gene Parmesan.  Oh, Favorite.  The things that run through his head are so funny to me.

Before our last night we took a day trip to Hoover Dam.  I’m glad we got to see it, but I wish the tour was more interesting.  There was a video in the beginning that provided interesting history about the dam, but guide led tour was very short and not as interesting.

June 2013 West Coast Trip 388

June 2013 West Coast Trip 380

June 2013 West Coast Trip 396

Sean’s in Nevada and I’m in Arizona!

Overall I liked Vegas. We didn’t go to any clubs, so I have no idea what that experience is like or how it would have changed my impression. Walking around during the day and at night it’s mostly like an amusement park for adults. I didn’t see anything obscene, like I thought I might, so maybe this doesn’t happen after all or maybe it happens in clubs. Although I felt like Vegas is for adults, I was surprised by the number of children and pregnant women I saw there. Especially since those casinos are smoky. But, we’ll be back. And when we go back, we’ll make it to Fremont Street to see the original strip and how it compares to the current.

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