Crab Feast

Sean did some good work recently for a client in a state where seafood is aplenty.  Such good work that they wanted to thank him in, well, seafood.   We got the call on vacation that we should expect a shipment.  Awesome!  Direct from state where seafood is aplenty to our door!  We weren’t quite expecting the volume with which they thought it appropriate to thank Sean.  We received A LOT of seafood, and we don’t have a very large freezer.  Somehow we managed to fit every last piece of fish and every last crab leg into the freezer.  We decided to figure out what to do with it all later.  Definitely not the week after coming home from vacation. Over the weekend we started to smell their fishy smell when we opened not only the freezer but the refrigerator.  We blamed it on the crab legs since they weren’t shrink wrapped.  So for dinner last night we decided it was time to figure out what to do with our stock and had a crab feast!


Turns out they cook crab legs right on the boat shortly after they are caught.  This makes preparing them for dinner just a matter of sticking them in a pot of boiling water.  I think you’re supposed to use a steam basket.  We don’t have one and this turned out just fine.



I love crab, any kind any way, so was delighted we had this feast.  And these crabs were delicious and so meaty.  Sean tried.  Even though he’s made strides in deviled eggs and oysters, he is not a fan of crab.  He likes crab cakes, but for the filler not the crab (?!!??  I know!).  He ate two legs and was done.  He just couldn’t do any more.  I felt bad, but we had to get rid of the fishy smell!

Aiden, on the other hand, was a fan.  He moved so fast this turned out to be a failed action shot.



Waiting patiently for more.

Interestingly, Deadliest Catch was on TV, so while I ate crab legs (Sean ended up with left over pizza), we watched the men who just may have caught my dinner.  Sean’s a fan of the show, but I’ve never seen it before.  I felt a little guilty eating my delicious crab dinner while watching.  They were so easy to prepare but catching crab is hard work!  During one episode, the captain made his deckhands stay up for 50 hours in order to meet their quota!  That’s an impossible amount of time to stay awake, and I was surprised no one got hurt.  Despite my guilt, I liked the show and think we’ll become regular watchers.

We couldn’t get through all the crab last night.  We put the remainder of the uncooked crab in a trash bag (the biggest container we had to hold them all) and think that will help with the smell.  But there’s plenty of halibut, cod, and other white fish to get through.  Thank you for the help with our grocery bill, client from state where seafood is aplenty!

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