Dark Park Take 2

Camping was a success!!  We had such a great time, and July is definitely the month to go!  The water pump was working, we didn’t freeze through the night, and with the low humidity the temperatures were a nice break from DC’s swamp.  Two months really made a difference.  All the trees were in their summer form.

Camping 005

Not a bare winter tree in sight!

Camping 035

It was very lovely.

Camping 010

About 30 minutes after Sean and I arrived a rain storm hit.  We (mostly Sean) worked really hard to get the tarp up to protect our gear.  It took awhile and minutes after it was up the rain stopped.  And it never rained again.  Of course, but at least we were ready.  Then Sean got to work with the serious business of making the perfect fire.

Camping 014

Camping 015

Sean referred to this as teepee in a log cabin.  I’d never heard that before but it certainly worked.

Our friends arrived a few hours after us and once their tent was set up we started on our dinner of steaks and asparagus.

Camping 018

After dinner they taught us how to play hearts, which I think I liked.  We only played for a few hours the first night and I think I need to give it another shot to really decide if I like it.  When it was dark enough we walked down to the lake to look at stars.  There were so many!  It felt like we were in a planetarium there were so many.  We were able to pick out the Little (or maybe it was Big) Dipper.  I only know two other constellations, Pegasus and Orion, but couldn’t pick out either.  We didn’t see a single shooting star this time, which was surprising since we saw more than one last time.  It was still awesome.

Camping 029

The next morning we headed to the lake again for fishing and boating.  We bought a small inflatable boat with the idea that all four of us could get in and fish.  It was really only big enough to fit two at a time, so Sean and I headed out first.  I haven’t rowed around in a boat in a while, maybe not since the last time I went to sleep away camp in early high school.  I forgot how hard it is to steer.  I liked fishing on the dock better myself.  We had a nice time but unfortunately we didn’t catch anything.  I felt bad for Sean because he really, really just wanted to catch something.  Maybe next year.

Camping 026

We relaxed and played games the rest of the afternoon.  As afternoon turned into evening and I realized our time at camp was dwindling I got a little sad.  I don’t think I’d want to stay much longer than two nights, but we had such a nice time.  There’s something so nice about being outdoors, cooking on a fire, smelling like smoke, and not having any access to phones or internet.  Luckily our friends had just as much fun as we did and there’s already talks of making it an annual adventure.

Camping 016

So, Spruce Knob, this is good night but not good bye.  See you next year!

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