Part-Time Head Chef

When I was a single girl I relied heavily on Eating Well, Cooking Light, and Ellie Kreiger’s The Food You Crave for recipes.  Since marrying Sean, he’s taken care of all our cooking and my old favorites have collected a thick layer of dust.  As the cook Sean’s also the grocery shopper, and if he happens to work late or meets up with a friend last minute after work I tend to eat odd combinations of things because I don’t have the ingredients I need for a recipe.  I am a pretty strict recipe cook.  If it says 1/2 teaspoon of salt that’s exactly what’s going in!

Sean’s not a morning person and the only way he’s been able to get exercise in recently is biking to work.  Biking to work doesn’t always work when it’s raining or snowing, or when he’s required to wear a suit to a meeting, or when he pops his tire behind the Jefferson Memorial and his wife has to save him.  In the past Sean’s been hesitant to exercise at night because he feels obligated to make sure we’re fed.  I get very hungry in the evenings and have been known to meltdown when I haven’t gotten food in time.  But, we’re changing things up in our household and I’ve become, at least part-time, responsible for our dinners so Sean can exercise and I don’t meltdown.

I’m way rusty in the kitchen and Sean’s a really good cook, so taking on this part-time role is a little nerve wrecking.  With all this fish in the freezer picking the protein for my first dish was easy.  Unluckily not all of the fish we received from client in state where seafood is aplenty is labeled, but luckily I found a recipe that called for fish, just fish!  So Real Simple’s Fish, Corn, and Chorizo Grilled Packets was my first recipe in awhile.

July 4th 002

I believe we ended up with halibut.  It was nice that it didn’t require many ingredients.

July 4th 005

And it was pretty easy to put together.

July 4th 006

As you can see, I sort of cheated with my first meal.  I can’t operate the grill, so while I put everything together Sean actually cooked it.

July 4th 007

July 4th 011

It was a very tasty meal, one we’ll make a again.  I asked Sean if there was a way to avoid the grill so we could continue to have it through the winter.  He started to list off ideas on how to make that happen.  While we’ll definitely make this one again, I’m not so sure I’ll be the one doing it.  But that’s okay, it gives me the chance to try out new recipes.

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