Sean’s firm held their annual summer outing this past Saturday at a local driving range.  We knew not many of Sean’s close colleagues were going, so we weren’t excited to head out on Saturday morning.  I especially was anxious.  I took several weeks of golf lessons for the first time in my life about a year ago.  I haven’t picked up a club since.  Lucky me that a) I remembered more than I realized from those lessons, and b) this facility is more than a driving range and turns hitting the ball into a game.  The range has targets and you get points when your ball goes into a target.

photo 1

Yes, you’ll receive more points if you hit the ball into the far targets, but if you can consistently hit them into the yellow you’ll do great.  That’s exactly what I did and totally beat Sean after the first game!

photo 6

This was the only time I beat Sean, but I was still pleased with my 26 point win!

photo 2photo 3

We ended up having a really nice time not only with the golf but also with the few friends that came.  In the end we were really glad we went.  Which tends to be how life works, isnt’ it?  I always find I’m glad I went even when it’s a struggle to convience myself I should.

photo 4photo 5

I was so happy I hadn’t forgotten everything I learned last year!  Sean was too and wondered why we weren’t golfing every weekend.  So I’m excited to come back for more practice.  Seems like it would make a nice date night.

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