Hey there cutes, put on your dancin’ boots

Taking dance lessons to prepare for our wedding was one of our best decisions. We have Sean to thank for this as it was fully his idea. We signed up for 11 lessons.  During all those sessions our instructor gave us tools to dance to any song, not just the one we had picked for our first dance. We’ve used these skills on our honeymoon, at weddings, holiday parties, and sometimes just in our living room.  We look forward to dancing and it’s so fun to know what we’re doing together. That’s why we excitedly accepted when a friend of mine invited Sean and me to the Sinatra Soiree with she and her husband.

Sinatra 010

This is the Soiree’s 21st year, but Sean and I had neither heard nor been to the event before.  It’s held in the National Building Museum.  This was my frist time to this museum and it is awesome inside!

Sinatra 005

Turns out we weren’t quite the demographic they were aiming for…and by that I mean we were a bit old.  Women’s tickets were $20 less than the men’s, which is very telling about the point of the event.  For the music they switched between a live swing band and 90’s music.  (This seemed odd to me at the time and as I’m writing this I understand now why they played 90’s music…if you’re a 22 year old that’s the music of your elementary school years.  80’s music, the music I’m used to at events like this, is not so relevant to you.  Oh.)  We were still able to get out on the dance floor  a few times.  When we did we were able to dance in our shoes!  This is a big deal for us since we learned to dance in socks and even on our wedding day had to remove our shoes for our first dance because it was completely no good otherwise.

Sinatra 007

This was our first double date with my friend, Danielle, and her husband, Josh.  We really enjoyed our time with them and will definitely get together again.  Already in the works is a golf outing for the men, high tea for Danielle and me, and a game night for the four of us!  I’m excited just thinking about it!

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