Happy 114th, Hemingway

Sunday was Ernest Hemingway’s 114th birthday.  I was excited when I stumbled across this news.  I mostly like Ernest Hemingway because he was part of the scene in Paris in the 1920’s.  I wish I could have been part of the scene in Paris in the 1920’s, especially after watching (multiple times) Midnight in Paris.  I’ve only read one of his works, The Sun Also Rises, and like the book more because I loved the English professor that included in our syllabus than the book itself.  I’m currently reading The Paris Wife, a fiction novel but told from the prespective of Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley, during their time in Paris in the 20’s, which I’m really enjoying. While not his biggest fan by any stretch, I still felt Sean and I needed to celebrate him.

The article announcing his birthday mentioned a bar here in DC serving Hemingway daiquiris to mark the occasion.  I knew we wouldn’t be able to make it out on Sunday, so Sean and I sought out daiquiris on Friday instead.  The Hemingway daiquiri includes maraschino liqueur, which isn’t available at most bars.  The bartender added a touch of maraschino cherry juice instead and we decided it was close enough.

photo 2

I got to celebrate in style.  Sean bought me a new necklace on Friday.  A little love gift.  🙂

For our daiquiris we ventured into our own neighborhood instead of going into DC.

photo 3

And we stopped for pizza at one of our new favorite local pizza places before going in search of Hemingway daiquiris.

photo 1

We still love going into the city for dinners but it’s nice to have a few local favorites.  If it weren’t so terribly hot we would have walked.

And speaking of birthdays, how exciting is the potential of the royal baby being born today!  I’m on team girl myself!

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