Life’s a Beach

Growing up my family didn’t spend much time at the beach.  When we did make it to the beach it was always during the winter.  We hung out by the pool plenty and loved the lakes of the Adirondacks, but beaches just weren’t our thing.  My most exciting and memorable beach experience is from camp.  I was about 12 and in the middle of my two-week overnight camp session I got swimmer’s ear.  My camp was on Rehoboth Bay and the closest doctor was in Rehoboth Beach,  not far but not within walking distance.  The camp had a designated driver, Andy, who was probably newly licensed.  My camp friend, Kate, and I had a big crush on Andy, who we called Andy Driver.  Although the swimmer’s ear was unpleasant, when I found out Andy Driver was taking me to the doctor the pain subsided.  After my appointment, I assumed we’d go right back to camp.  Andy suggested we walk on the boardwalk!!  We stopped for some Italian ice served with a Tootsie Roll on top!  Kate was so jealous I had a “date” with Andy Driver.

Being from the Midwest, Sean didn’t go to the beach until he was in college.  He’s never really taken to it and is very much like this:

Hurry Up & Relax

Okay, did we relax?  Is it over?  Great.  What’s next?  Let’s do something.

Don’t get me wrong, we were happy to recieve such a lovely invitation for a beach weekend with Sean’s colleagues.  But on the outset we just weren’t sure how it would go for us given our beach 1

We ended up having a very nice time.  Saturday was a perfect beach day.  Not too hot and sunny.  The water was still soooo chilly!  Sean and I made it in anyway, and it was fun to bob around in the waves.

photo 3

Our hosts were dog sitting their daughter’s dog this weekend.  He was so sweet and reminded us of Aiden in appearance and to some extent temperament.

photo 4

He didn’t whine like Aiden, but he leaned on your legs when he wanted to be petted just the way Aiden does.  He loved tug of war and Sean eventually taught him how to play catch.  It was nice to have a dog around that reminded us of ours.

photo 5

While we enjoyed the beach itself, we were also very excited to be around so many farm stands selling sweet corn.


We picked up several ears on our way out.  It’s delicious!  We had a few ears with dinner last night and will incorporate the rest into a recipe this week.  I love fresh summer sweet corn.

So a very nice weekend.  Oh, and my cookies were very well recieved!

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