Rodrigo y Gabriela!

At some point in our wedding planning process Sean decided to put together the play list for our cocktail hour music.  He had started to discover bands he really loved and wanted to share with everyone.  Among his finds were Rodrigo y Gabriela.  Two death metal artists turned contemporary classical guitarists.  They are awsome.

Sometimes when Sean’s stressed by work or I feel like I’ve stressed him out by doing things like crying over cookies, I like to do something nice for him.  Usually I give him a card because words of appreciation is Sean’s love language, something we learned during marriage prep classes.  But back in May I thought I’d do something different.  As luck would have it I found Rodrigo y Gabriela tickets!  On Sunday, we headed to Maryland for dinner and a concert.


Rodrigo y Gabriela closed out their tour at Bethesda’s Strathmore, and it was Sean and my first time to the venue.  It’s beautiful and designed well for music.

August 3 Weekend 030August 3 Weekend 031

The concert was amazing!  As their name suggests it’s just the two of them.  They only play guitar but it often sounds like they are accompanied by drums and other instrutments.  They, especially Gabriela, are just incredible at getting the guitar to make such a variety of sounds.

Rod & Gab

Rodrigo y Gabriela’s fan base is very electic.  The audience was made up of hippies, hipsters, retirees, pregnant ladies, people from all walks of life.  DC’s a pretty conservative area.  While I think our audiences are enthusiastic we don’t always do a good job of showing it.  For the first half of the concert Rodrigo or Gabriela would signal us to get on our feet and dance.  We would but sit right back down after that song was over.  We all finally got up on our feet and stayed there, but it took us awhile. I think it made Gabriela and Rodrigo happy to see us up.

These two had us in such suspense because they didn’t play the song from cocktail hour, and our favorite song, Tamacun, until the very end!  After getting off and coming back on the stage twice!  Because watching them do it is better than just listening, here’s a video of our favorite if you’re interested in a sample.

We loved the concert and the venue.  We wish Bethesda was closer so we could become regular patrons.

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