I just love LivingSocial.  They have a building here in DC where they offer a variety of classes.  It’s where I took my first floral arranging class and where I took a doughnut making class on Sunday with my friend Kristen.  The chances of me making doughnuts any time soon on my own are slim, but classes like this make me feel awesome.  Floral arranging is complicated but look at this beautiful arrangement that I made myself and get to take home.  I’m afraid to fry anything, doughnuts included, but hey I did it!  And they’re delicious!

August 3 Weekend 021

I woke up excited for this class which is bizarre since I can’t remember the last time I had a dougnut.  But for some reason I couldn’t wait to make them.  The dough was prepared before we arrived, but Kristen and I made all the other components.

August 3 Weekend 026

We made ganache and pastry cream for the Boston Creme doughnuts and vanilla glaze for the originals.  We also made the sugar and cinnamon mixture but, as you can imagine, it was not was very complicated.

August 3 Weekend 027

Kristen let me do the complicated stuff, which made me happy.  Our ganache turned out so well the men behind us asked if they could use our leftovers.  Somehow they managed to make theirs very runny.  She also let me fry, which I found very satisfying.  Getting the oil to the right temperature, checking the dough, flipping it, then bringing the temp right back up again.  I feel most comfortable with very specific processes.


When I told Sean the flavor options he said he was looking forward to the cinnamon and sugar the most.  I couldn’t beleive it.  To me that was the most boring option.  I was all about the Boston Cream.  As a kid he and his family made homemade cinnamon and sugar doughnuts.  They were better than I thought they would be. And the Boston Cream wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. The glaze, to me, turned out the best but we liked them all.

August 3 Weekend 028

Kristen and I both took home nine doughnuts.  We knew these doughnuts wouldn’t last long, so Sean and I made quick work of them.  We’re not ashamed of the nine delicious doughnuts we ate on Sunday.  Well worth it.

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