Book of Mormon

Everyone’s buzzing about the Book of Mormon, that new musical from the creators of South Park.  It’s won nine Tonys.  So many of our friends have or will see it by the end of the summer.  Everyone’s talking about how great it is.  It came up during our beach weekend.  Our companions who had seen it loved it and were surprised that the DC audience didn’t give it a standing ovation.  Back in May Sean and I secured tickets to the show and on Saturday we finally made our way to the Kennedy Center to see what everyone is talking about.
photo 5

There were some funny moments.  There were pop culture references and a play within the musical that got a giggle out of me.  Overall, we didn’t understand what all that buzz was about.  We went with some of Sean’s friends and colleagues and I was happy to find that most of the group felt the same way.  I think we were all expecting to laugh for all or most of the show.  Maybe some people do but we didn’t.

photo 3

I didn’t discuss this with the larger group, but I didn’t understand the writer’s point.  Why are we poking fun at Mormons?  Just because we can?  Why?  I probably should have been more prepared for this considering these writers are responsible for South Park.  But I’ve seen maybe two episodes of South Park.  That show just wasn’t my thing.

photo 4

Once we were home, Sean and I also agreed that we missed traditional musicals.  Where are the Olivers, the My Fair Ladys, the Les Miss?

photo 2

I’m glad we saw it since everyone is talking about it, and I’m sure we would have felt like we missed out on something if we didn’t go.

On another note, this was Sean’s first time seeing a show at the Kennedy Center!  Hard to believe since he’s been in the area for a while and loves musicals, shows, and the symphony.  I’m glad he finally got to see something in the space, but we’ll have to go back for a symphony or something more our style.

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