Summer Delights

My sister, brother-in-law, and parents got Sean and me a fruit of the month club gift last Christmas.  It’s proven to be a pretty awesome present.  Winter pears were essential to a dish we made for a dinner party.  We were so happy to receive a Costa Rican pineapple in April, exactly one year from our Costa Rican honeymoon.  This summer we’ve had strawberries, probably the best I’ve ever had, that we ended up bringing to a wine tasting outing.  Cherries, which we enjoyed for dinner with cheese and Pinot Noir and in lunch boxes.  This month we had peaches.  As soon as we received them Sean got excited.  He knew just what to do with them.  Create a cocktail of blended peaches with cinnamon, vanilla, and spiced rum.


Sean was more than halfway through his process when I got home.  But he kindly remembered to document for me.


Penzey’s made the day again!  Don’t you love how this cinnamon is extra fancy?  Don’t you wish it came with a bow tie or tiara to really drive the extra fancy point home?  We have Penzey’s cinnamon from another country too.  I don’t know if Sean didn’t realize we have two options or if he intentionally went with Vietnamese.  I wonder what the difference is.  It makes me want to have a cinnamon taste test.  Hmmmm…


The result was a very tasty beverage that rounded out the evening’s summer meal well.


It’s simply avocados, heirloom tomatoes, red onion, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Summer is usually too hot for me and isn’t my favorite season, but I do love all of the delicious things in season.  It’s been unseasonably cool this week, though, and the cinnamon in our drinks was just enough to remind me of fall.  I love the delights of summer but am really looking forward to chili, pumpkins, football, and sweaters.

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