Bon Appétit!

Thanks to Twitter I found out that last Thursday would have been Julia Child’s 101st birthday.  I emailed Sean.  We had to celebrate!

Side note: I promise we celebrate the birthdays of our living family and friends and not just those of deceased cultural figures.  I love any excuse to celebrate something randomly.  I don’t seek these days out, but if I stumble upon something like margarita day or ice cream day on Twitter, Facebook, or other blogs then we like to celebrate if we can.

Sean’s most favorite dish is boeuf bourguignon, which he has made for us a few times using Julia’s recipe.  Boeuf bourguignon takes forever, nearly seven hours, to prepare.  You can roughly translate boeuf bourguignon to beef cooked in Burgundy wine.  Which is exactly what Sean did.

Julia 006

Side note 2: I promise we do things other than eat and it was never my intention for this to seem like a food blog.  That being said, food is just really important to us.  We love cooking, eating, and thinking about food and it tends to be how we spend much of our time.

Julia 008

That Spin the Bottle wine has an image on it’s label that moves to actually look like a spinning bottle.  I was shocked Sean came home with this wine.  He never goes for the gimicky stuff, and he also doesn’t go for something labeled as a red wine blend.  We haven’t had this one yet, so fingers crossed it tastes as good as its label is cool.

Julia 009

Julia 010

To accompany our beef in Burgundy, Sean also prepared French green beans with lardons, and pomme puree with a touch of bleu cheese.

Julia 012

It was all so tasty!  As we ate we watched the latest episode of Top Chef Masters.  I love that show.  I love that show even more when I get to enjoy a delicious dinner like this while watching.  Although a small part of me wished I could have found Julie & Julia and convinced Sean to watch it instead.  That move didn’t get great reviews but I love it!

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