Happy Together in Beautiful Weather

The weather here in DC is so nice right now.  Last week our temperatures dropped down into the 80’s and have been hanging out there ever since.  As I thought about this post I planned to share all about how DC was built on a swamp and so we expect terribly sticky, humid Augusts.  Turns out that’s a myth.  It’s all over the internet that it’s a myth, but I didn’t realize this until just today.  So swamp myth aside we still expect terribly sticky, humid Augusts here in DC.  Sean and I decided to soak up as much of the unexpected temperature change as we could over this past weekend.  Last Friday was National Rum Day (I couldn’t believe we were lucky enough to hit two random holidays in one week AND to already have rum on hand thanks to spiced peach cocktails!), so we had rum & Pepsis on our back porch while Sean finished up some work and I hung out with Aiden.

photo 1

photo 7

We’re considering making some big changes to our backyard so that it feels more like a living space.  As it is now we can certainly spend time outside, but it feels more like Aiden’s space with a grill and some wild plants.  Sean drew up some ideas last week for improvements and by actually spending time out there we were able to talk it through more, determining the real priorities for the space and refining some of his initial ideas.  On nice evenings like this my parents would sometimes use their cocktail hour to “walk the estate,” as they called it.  They would walk around the house and look at the progress they had made to the house and the gardens and discuss ideas for the future.  Sean and I don’t walk the estate often, but this wasn’t our first time.  Moments like this, when we think about and dream about the future together, are some of my favorites.

After walking the estate we headed to one of our favorite restaurants in Old Town Alexandria for dinner outside.  We really felt so lucky.  Eating outside is so easy and simple, but it just felt so lucky to be outside in the middle of August enjoying our time together.  It was a happy reminder that fall is just around the corner, and I love fall.

photo 1

photo 10photo 9

photo 11

photo 5

photo 2

We had different ideas about which selfie was the best selfie, so I’m posting them both.  I like the top one, even though it was taken with the reserve camera on my phone and poor quality.  Sean prefers the second.  Hope you have some nice wheather to enjoy wherever you are!

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