Wags N’ Whiskers

This past weekend our neighborhood hosted an event for people and their pets.  Wags N’ Whiskers was within walking distance from our house and perfectly aligned with my new resolution to be a better dog mother.  It was a beautiful day for it.

photo 1

The event was mostly an opportunity for vendors to come out and sell their goods to animal fanatics.  The event advertised portraits with your pets, which was the main reason I wanted us to go.  At first I thought we could have our portrait sketched.  We’ve recently discovered that Aiden is afraid of a regular camera (not our iPhones), so a sketch would work well for our very skittish dog.  Unfortunately it turned out to be professional photos with a beige background so we didn’t end up getting a family photo.

photo 5

photo 3 photo 4

This adorable little boy could not get enough high fives from the dog mascot.  And don’t you love the ‘do on this lady to the right?

photo 6

How funny is the dog kissing booth idea?  People just go wild for their animals, don’t they?

Aiden gets really excited the minute we pull out his leash.  It takes about 20 minutes for us to walk down to our neighborhood’s downtown area/dog park.  I wish there was a way to explain to him that sometimes we take long walks.  He tugs and tugs as we walk to the dog park buring off almost all of his energy before we even get there.  We just can’t go fast enough in the beginning.  He starts to get tired as he runs around with other dogs and then is barely able to get himself home.  If only he understood English.

photo 8

Here’s Aiden’s crazy eye.  Sometimes this means he’s ready to play but here I think it means he’s starting to get tired.

Because we had been feeding him the worst dog food on the planet we switched his food recently.  We didn’t think it was possible, but Aiden has much more energy with his new food.  Going on long walks like this help him stay calm for the rest of the day.  Well, almost.

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