Tachraidh na daoine, ach cha tachair na cnuic

For the Labor Day Weekend Sean and I traveled to Kansas City, MO, which is close to his hometown.  It was Sean’s grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary!  And if that wasn’t reason enough to make the trip it was also Kansas City’s annual Irish Fest!

(By the way, the title of this post is a Gaelic proverb that translates to “men will meet, but hills will not.”  How true.  There was lots of meeting up this weekend so it seemed appropriate.  I’m not sure if this site is legitimate, but I had fun reading through this list of Gaelic proverbs.  Let’s all remember to go carefully with a full cup and that although the wine may be sweet, the paying is bitter.)

photo 1

Because Irish Fest was part of the anniversary celebration, Sean’s relatives from all over came into town for the event.  On this side of the family there are four brothers and one sister.  As you can imagine the family has really grown as each has had their own children, who have gotten married and have had their own children.  As with all expanding families it becomes harder and harder to get everyone back together, and this was the first time in a long time that almost the full group came together.  It was really touching that so much family made the effort to come back home to celebrate the two that started it all, Grandma and Grandpa. It was also nice to put faces to some of the names I’d heard of but hadn’t met yet.

photo 3photo 2

Although my family is sort of Irish this was my first time at an Irish Fest.  Having been to Ireland Sean didn’t get what was so Irish about the whole fest.  Maybe it wasn’t true to Ireland but there was a lot of pride at this fest.  You have to appreciate people who get together to share their pride….and to drink a lot of beer.

photo 6

On that note, one of the highlights of the day for me was a beer tasting Sean and I did with his sister, Allison, and his parents.  Boulevard is Sean’s favorite beer, so I knew we had to go to a tasting when I saw it on the agenda.  We had a very entertaining and informative taste guide.  We’ll forgive the fact that he actually said out loud that beer dinners are better than wine dinners…

photo 5

The tasting made Sean so excited and happy he felt he could tackle anything.  So he asked me if I dared him to slide down a railing.  I did so he did.

photo 8

We are crossing our fingers that the children crowding the halls just out of frame didn’t get any ideas…

Althought it was nice to put faces to names and catch up with the family members we see regularly, it was also nice that we found time to just be with Sean’s immediate family.  We walked to the Power & Light District, about a mile from Irish Fest, for dinner on Saturday.

photo 16photo 9

We found a tasty Mexican spot and shared a giant margarita in a hub cap!

photo 11

photo 12

And had a friendly debate about our education system.  Then we headed back with just enough time to catch the last few minutes of a step performance and enjoy the last of Saturday’s Irish Fest activities with the rest of the family.


And that was just the first day!  I’ll be back later this week with more on the anniversary celebration itself.

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