65 years!

Can you imagine 65 years?  Not just 65 years of your own life, but 65 years of partnership with another person.  Sixty five years of good and bad, of tears and smiles, of exhaustion and happiness, of compromise, of so many, many things?  It’s hard for me to imagine.  I love the idea of it and know that if I’m able to live that long I’ll achieve it, but it’s still hard to imagine.  Sean’s grandparents don’t have to imagine it because they’ve lived it!  How lucky are we to have such a model of love and dedication?  Life is hard.  Marriage is hard.  To have an example of two people who’ve been able to keep at it and stick together through all 65 years of it (and the many more to come) is just awesome.  Their 65 years of marriage were celebrated by Sean’s family on Sunday, the second, and main, event of our Labor Day Weekend.

photo 8

Here’s Sean’s mom’s lovely set up of Grandma’s wedding dress and pictures.

photo 6

I’m so impressed at the condition of this dress.  It made me want to take my own to the dry cleaners and do a better job of preserving it.  It also makes me happy that I didn’t do a trash the dress photo session after our wedding (although the thought to do one never crossed my mind).

photo 7

Cutting the cake then….

photo 2

and now!

photo 3

photo 4

I love this picture.  First of all, it’s sweet that they are so lovey and hugging.  Second, it’s also sweet that everyone in the background is so happy about the love and hugs.  Best of all, Sean’s dad back there in the blue is smiling almost exactly the way Sean smiles when he’s very happy.

photo 5

Sean was so proud of himself for taking this selfie with his grandma.  And here’s evidence that his happy smile is similiar to his dad’s.

Towards the end of the party Sean’s grandma sat with several of us and reviewed some of the pictures in the albums and shared stories.  I love moments like this.  A life well lived, that’s for sure.


I mean, how great is this?  Holding hands and kind of in their own little world 65 years later (this one’s from Irish Fest).

I don’t have, but couldn’t share anyway because you never know who’s reading, pictures of Allison’s wedding dress which I sneaked a peak of Sunday!  It’s so lovely and I am so excited for that wedding.  June 2014 can’t come soon enough!

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