Dinner & A Movie

On Friday Sean and I went on a traditional dinner and a movie date.  We started with a tasty meal in Arlington at Green Pig Bistro.  We had had our hearts set on burgers at a place called Ray’s Hell Burger.  Sean’s been before but I hadn’t.  President Obama went and it’s well thought of here in DC.  Well, it was until now because it’s closed!  I’m not sure they plan to reopen.  I’m bummed I missed out on a Hell Burger, but we still had a good meal at Green Pig Bistro.

photo 4photo 5

We misjudged the timing between dinner ending and the movie starting so we walked all over Arlington.  Now that we’re not drinking the old default activity of stopping for a drink is no longer an option.  Probably a good thing but a bit of an adjustment.  We were able to walk by the court house where we got our marriage license though, which was fun.

photo 6

Sean wanted to see The World’s End, a movie by and starring the same group that did some of his other favorites, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  We went to a theatre where you reserve your seats which recline!

photo 9

photo 3

photo 11

It’s pretty cool to watch a movie while reclining, not going to lie.

We skipped dessert at Green Pig Bistro so we could have a healthy bucket of diet soda and a giant bag of peanut M&M’s.

photo 10


This movie has oddball/British humor, but overall I recommend it.  Sean does too because he belly laughed through much of the movie.  I love when he belly laughs.

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