Cupcakes for everyone!

Sean did end up with a small something with a candle.  There’s a Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown near my office.  I’ve never been before and when I saw that they have a maple bacon flavor on special until the 15th I knew it was perfect!  Sean loves bacon so it had to be done.


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Plus!  They have doggie cupcakes!  I was so excited that Aiden could celebrate Sean’s birthday with a sweet treat too!

photo 4

photo 5photo 6

Isn’t it so fun that we both had pig decorations on our birthday cupcakes this year?

photo 7photo 8

It’s also fun that we traveled to the West Coast for my birthday in June and we’ll be traveling back there next weekend.  It’s for a work conference for Sean and not really his birthday, but still fun.  I love the parallels!

photo 9

I was a little worried Aiden might not like his cupcake, but he made quick work of it.

Sprinkles is the original cupcakery and being the original I was excited to try one of their cupcakes.  Sean’s was perfect.  The maple flavor was really there but not overpowering and well-balanced with the salty bacon.  My cupcake was chocolate cake with vanilla frosting (my favorite because it’s my mom’s favorite).  It was too sweet for me, which is really saying something because I have quite the sweet tooth.  Georgetown Cupcake is still my absolute favorite.  Plus, that pig on Sean’s was not really edible.  You can always eat the decorations on a Georgetown Cupcake cupcake.

I got so caught up with getting these cupcakes that I totally forgot I was in charge of getting mozzarella for our dinner salad.  Sean picked a whole bunch of beautiful tomatoes from our (his…I have nothing to do with it really) plant out back.  I was initially really bummed that I forgot, but the tomatoes turned out to be so good on their own.  We snacked on most and then threw the rest in with our spaghetti and meatballs.

photo 2

photo 3

We finished out Sean’s birthday evening by watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  That movie is not my favorite but Sean laughed, quoted, and moved his lips to the words the whole time.  It’s hard to deny someone one of their favorite things on their birthday.

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