While pasta and cupcakes at home on Sean’s actual birthday were lovely, Saturday was the big birthday night out.  We finally made it to minibar by José Andrés to celebrate!  minibar is hard to get into.  This was our third attempt.  Sean tried first for our first dating anniversary and I tried another time for maybe his birthday but can’t really remember.  Those other two times the restaurant had only six seats and you had to call at exactly 10:00 a.m. exactly one month out from your preferred date.  They’ve changed the format a bit and have more than six seats now.  But with Favorite’s birthday I didn’t want to take any chances so to play it safe I set my alarm for 12:00 midnight on July 1 (the day their fall calendar opens) to send the email requesting a spot.  No regrests because we got in!




photo 7

We liked some things better than others but overall had a great meal.  It looks like a lot of food but it was small bites so we weren’t terribly full after.  Just the right amount of full.

It was completely random, but we ended up at the same seating as a couple that work with Sean.  The guy was actually in our wedding.  As it’s name suggests, you sit at a bar at minibar.  Each seating has six people and the space holds 12 people at a time.  We would have ended up next to someone anyway, and it was really nice that it ended up being people we knew.  Sometimes a meal is really enhanced when you can chat about all the flavors.

photo 9

Sean doesn’t love his birthday, but I think this one ended up being a good one.

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