America’s Cup

Several weeks ago Sean and I watched one of the America’s Cup races on TV.  I didn’t know Sean to be much of a fan of sailing, but then I also didn’t know Sean to be much of a fan of soccer until the World’s Cup was on.  I think when rare sporting events are on TV he likes to make sure he’s watching.  It just so happened that due to wind delays and the unexpected success of Team USA, America’s Cup was still going on in San Francisco when we arrived last Thursday.  Sean was so excited.  In a competely unprecedented move in the history of Sean & Sarah vacations, we went off itinerary (!!) and watched race 12 on Thursday shortly after we arrived.  Everything we did that day was on the fly – lunch, activites, everything!  It was crazy…and really fun!

photo 1

Side note: Sean and I create pretty detailed itinerary spreadsheets for each trip.  These include everything from where we’ll eat and what we’ll see to the amount of time it will take to walk, cab, etc. from one place to another to the confirmation codes for things like hotels and rental cars.  Because it was pretty fun to go off itinerary on Thursday I asked Sean if the lesson was to abandon these spreadsheets.  He said not at all.  It’s just a reminder that we should stay flexible when opportunities like this arise.

I don’t know all the specifics of America’s Cup but Team USA and Team New Zealand have been racing each other for a little while now.  Team USA cheated in the beginning so started with a negative two score, and Team New Zealand has had quite a lead for awhile.  When we arrived in San Francisco the score was Team USA two and Team New Zeland eight.  I believe the first to make it to nine is the winner, so Team New Zealand was so close!

photo 3

But Team USA won the first race!  It was really exciting!  There are two races each day, one at 1:15 p.m. and one at 2:15 p.m.  We hung around to wait for the second race and we met a very nice woman from Canada (we think, or Minnesota).  She was just as excited as we were to be there unexpectedly for the race.  I guess I was feeling huggy that day because she thought we were newlyweds, which was kind of cute (although at just a year and a half in we’re really not that far from being newlyweds).

photo 4

Unfortunately because of the wind the second race didn’t happen.  Sean was in a conference all day Friday so we weren’t able to watch then, and both races were postponed on Saturday.  We were sad we couldn’t see a few more races before we left San Francisco but were really happy we were able to see race 12 on Thursday.

photo 5

More to come on the rest of our San Francisco trip.  I tried something different and documented our trip on film instead of through pictures (with a few exceptions).  I’m crossing my fingers editing everything together doesn’t take so long and I’m back later this week with my little film and more details.

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