Steaks and Views and Reflections

All the fish and Asian and other non-meat things we ate in San Francisco left us wanting to sink our teeth into steak.  So we remedied that on Saturday with a date to a nearby steak house.  There are a few steak houses we like not too far from our house and in DC.  We ended up at a steak house with great views of National airport and a few other landmarks.  We like the combination of a happy meal with a nice view.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

It’s hard to tell, but that’s the Washington Monument.  Two photos up is National Airport.

With these views we became reflective about our lives.  How DC played a role in shaping us to be the people we are now and how we really love this city.  How our 20’s spent here were just eh but we’re really loving our 30’s.  We wondered if we’d like our 20’s better if we had met each other in them (well, I guess I did meet Sean in mine but we meant the majority of the decade).  I don’t think I would appreciate Sean as much as I do now had I not had some of those eh experiences of my 20’s.  So in the end it’s worked out.  Then we did some future together ramblings and wondered about what’s next and decided we really want to go to Europe but when?  Sometimes it seems like there’s so much time and other times it feels like there’s not enough to accomplish everything and to experience everything.  You do what you can, I guess.  And try to stay focused on how great and lucky you are to experience and accomplish what you can instead of lamenting what you can not.  That seems hard when Paris is involved, but I’ll strive for it.

photo 4

Even though that last bit sounds sad this was actually a really nice date of being happy together.  Happy that even though it may have taken until our 30’s that we get to be the ones that know the other inside and out.  Which is a little mushy, I know.  Sometimes you have to be a little mushy about your husband!

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