The Daring Young Woman on the Flying Trapeze

On Saturday I was invited to a bachelorette party that included a day time activty of trapeze!  It was so much fun!

I was a little worried going into it, but when am I not?  Since meeting Sean I have sky dived, repelled off of cliffs, and white water rafted.  Things I never thought I’d do and things I was nervous about doing beforehand but ended up being so happy I didn’t let my fear stand in the way.  I decided that despite my nerves if I could survive jumping out of an airplane I could handle the trapeze.  Although the whole experience did make my heart flutter.

For me, one of the worst parts of activities like this is the small amount of instruction.  There was a brief lesson before our first turn and more brief instructions as we progressed.  Our bachelorette went first, which was a big help to me.  I needed to watch someone else go through the motions in the air.  I was actually told by the instructors that I was overthinking it on the ground and I needed to turn off my brain to be successful in the air.

Meredith's Bachelorette 014

Meredith's Bachelorette 015

Meredith's Bachelorette 016

I did end up successful.  The goal of the lesson was to get everyone to the point where they could be caught by one of the instructors swinging on another bar.  Once we were ready they marked us with chalk war paint.

Meredith's Bachelorette 021

I had two turns where I was caught by the instructor, and luckily someone was able to capture one of my turns on film.

Oh, it was so great!  While we were there I told everyone I didn’t think I’d be able to convince Sean to do it with me.  Even before I showed him this video he said he’d be on board.  So we might be back to do it together.  I seriously loved it.  I would almost consider making a hobby out of it I loved it so much.

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