Taco Time!

When Sean and I were first dating we’d often have mid week date nights.  They were the best.  It was that beautiful time in a new relationship when it seemed impossible to spend enough time with the other person.  Usually we’d go out.  In the middle of the day yesterday I got an excited feeling as though we were planning a mid week date night.  We weren’t.  Our plans were to make tacos and watch Jeopardy.  Pretty standard.  But I sent an email to Sean telling him I was so excited.  He concurred and gave it a new name, Taco Time.  Maybe it was because I had obligations on Monday and Tuesday nights so didn’t get to spend them with Sean or maybe it was because we were supposed to have tacos on Sunday but didn’t because we just weren’t hungry enough.  Whatever the reason, although it wasn’t anything fancy last night’s couch date was pretty fantastic.


The answer to final Jeopardy was The Godfather (which I knew but Sean didn’t which feels like a victory because he is way better at Jeopardy than me and he totally rocked it last night), which inspired us to watch the movie.  Or at least start it.  It’s a very long movie.  Do you know that Al Pacino was 32 when that movie was made and Diane Keaton 26!  I knew they looked young but it’s weird to think of them as my age or younger.  And that Marlon Brando.  He’s my celebrity crush (in addition to Michael Cera…I guess I have quite the range).

So even though it was a normal Wednesday night, it felt special and we were happy.  It’s easy to write about the bigger events here, but it’s fun to also remember the ordinary days that were wonderful and felt special for not particular reason.


I just love those Story People.

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