Inching Along

This month marks six months at my current job.  For better or for worse.  I’ve read it’s not a good idea to write about work on your blog, so we’ll keep it at that.  Sean and I live in Arlington and my office is in DC.  While I was excited to take the job, I was very, very nervous about commuting into the city.  One way streets!  Traffic circles!  People who know what they’re doing when I don’t!  Why are my GPS and iPhone giving me two different routes?!  Gah!  Two companies ago I worked in the city, but I took the metro and that’s a horse of a very different color.  My first day of work was April 1, which turned out to be Easter Monday this year.  Sean told me I really should drive all the way into work that first day because traffic would be lighter than usual.  A good day to get my feet wet.  I almost didn’t do it.  I almost drove to a parking lot close to a metro to metro into work.  I wouldn’t tell Sean and I would figure out how to drive into the city later.  Surprising even myself that day, I ended up driving all the way in.

Sean’s worked in the city for almost seven years now and has commuted from Arlington to DC for maybe five (…maybe four?).  He has forever grumbled about tourists and his commute (together and separately because tourists definitely impact commutes).  Grumble, grumble…buses and tourists block traffic…grumble, grumble…can’t use metro escalators properly…grumble, grumble…so much bridge construction…grumble, grumble…40 minutes to go 7 miles…grumble, grumble!  I never understood this.  We’re so lucky to live so close to DC.  Decisions made here resonate throughout the country (another for better or for worse scenario)!  It’s a privilege!  And free museums and monuments make for an excellent field trip or vacation!  We can’t deny the experience to the children.  And for the love just leave for work earlier!

Six months in, I’m an old pro at my commute.  Not scary at all anymore.  I try so hard not to grumble about tourists and commutes myself.  Their buses block one of two lanes I need to get out of DC and into Virginia.  It really IS annoying when people stand on the walk side of the metro escalators.  I hate when people honk at me when I make a move they know they would make if they were in my position.  I leave very early for work so I don’t feel rushed and late, but it’s still tough when there are so many cars and we inch along the highway and then inch along the Memorial Bridge past the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

But this week our government reopened and government employees went back to work!  After 16 long, embarrassing days of shutdown.  I never should have experienced a commute without those government workers.  This week and beyond I will not grumble about the increased number of cars on the road or any tourist buses blocking my lanes because they should have been right there with me the whole damn time.  Welcome back.  I’m so happy to be inching along with you again.

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