Ryan & Meredith are Married!

This past weekend we headed to Virginia wine country for a wedding in Middleburg, VA.  Our friends Meredith and Ryan (who you may remember from adventures in wine tasting and camping) picked a beautiful setting and a beautiful weekend for their wedding.

photo 14v2

photo 13photo 12photo 16

I’m sad both the above and below pictures are blurry.  You can still see the happiness and love shining through.

photo 17

photo 18

The flowers were done by the same woman who did the flowers at our wedding.  Doesn’t she do an amazing job?  Flowers were my favorite part of the day.  Meredith invited me to join her at her first flower consultation.  I was so happy to see Barbara again.  I loved her!

photo 19

Oh, love!  It’s it so nice to see people so happy!  Many congratulations to these two!

I loved our wedding.  It was the best day, and it was such a fun time to be special.  To wear a beautiful dress, to be called the bride, to be the center of attention, it was all pretty great.  When we go to weddings now, I don’t miss it for a second.  I’m so happy for the bride and groom and so excited for the life they have ahead of them, of course.  But marriage itself has proven to be so much more fun than the wedding.  I’m happy Sean and I had a great and happy wedding, but I love what we have going on right now so much more.

photo 15

I’m going to try to stop relying on selfies and start getting people to take our picture.

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