A Saturday in Middleburg, VA

For Meredith & Ryan’s wedding this past weekend, we arrived in Middleburg on Friday night and so were able to make a whole weekend of it.  We hit some traffic on Friday night, but Middleburg isn’t all that far making it a nice getaway.  On a non-week night, it’s only a little over an hour away.  I like when you don’t have to travel so far to feel so far away from the city.

On Saturday, we headed back to our favorite Virginia vineyard, Delaplane Cellars, and recreated our morning in San Francisco with some wine and a friendly game of Words with Friends.

photo 1photo 4

Then we headed into Middleburg for a late lunch.  Middleburg is adorable.  Lots of antique shops and boutiques.

photo 5

I love those planters of mums!

We stumbled upon a store that is almost perfectly aligned with Sean’s decorating style.

photo 8

We’re going to have some work to do consolidating decorating styles for our next house because this is very much not my style.  I often ask Sean’s opinion on different rooms I like in Better Homes & Gardens and we agree on occasion, so I’m optimistic it will work out.  Anyway, he was very excited to find this store.  Even if it’s not the whole house, I think he already has a room planned and it will look very similar to this picture above.  In his enthusiasm for the items, Sean struck up a conversation with an owner.  They close their shop down for three months out of the year and source almost all of the items abroad themselves.  Pretty cool and sounds like it’s good work if you can get it to me.

photo 6

photo 11photo 10

We had lunch at The Red Fox Inn & Tavern.  It was delicious! I had some of the best sweet potato fries ever.  The Red Fox was a favorite of Jackie Kennedy Onassis!  Below is one of several letters she wrote to them.

photo 9

So fun!

It was a nice little getaway on a perfect fall weekend.

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