Happy Halloween!

Are you dressing up for Halloween?  Expecting trick-or-treaters?  We aren’t on both counts and the latter makes me sad.  (So I’d love to hear about yours so I can live vicariously through you.)  I think kids and their Halloween costumes are so fun.  We have plenty of kids in our neighborhood but if they are trick-or-treating they don’t come down to us.  Whether they are your standard pricnesses and pirates or something a little off the wall, they are just so cute and excited.  I wish they’d come to our door.  We have candy just in case, but I’m managing my expectations and making a mental note that trick-or-treaters coming to our door is one of my requirements for our next house.

Although there’s nothing from this year to share here are some pictures of Halloweens past.

FragglesSean Dancing

Our first Halloween together Sean and I went as Fraggles!  These costumes were such a hit!  There’s a picture of us somewhere on the internet with a random Rainbow Bright who insisted we take a picture together since we represented children’s TV of our childhood.

Lady bug Sarah & Fairy Maggie

This is little Maggie & me (maybe I’m four and Maggie is two).  I’m pretty sure Maggie’s a fairy and I’m definitely a lady bug.  My mother papier mâchéd those wings for me and I remember watching her do it all in our basement thinking they were so amazing and that it was exciting that I got to wear them.  She had quite the talent for Halloween costumes.

Fairy Maggie & Poodle Sarah

This is Maggie as a fairy again (for the record she wasn’t always a fairy)….and I’m sure you know what I am.  It’s so obvious, isn’t it?  You must have seen this on dozens of little girls!  Yes, that’s right, I’m a poodle!  I’ll need to ask my mom about this because I don’t remember why I choose to be a poodle and what does one think when their daughter requests a poodle costume?  But look at this work!  My mom was so creative.  Thanks for not talking me out of this one, Mom.  Amazing job and it’s pretty funny now.

The one thing I always, always wanted to be but never was was Pippi Longstocking.  Oh gosh, I loved that book/movie.  Didn’t she have a monkey?  Maybe when we have a baby I’ll dress that baby as a monkey and I’ll be Pippi.  Pippi has a horse, too, right?  Sean!  What a great family costume!

PS – Yes, our blog has a new look!  I don’t know yet if this one will stick around.  As I’m learning more about blogging and photo apps and WordPress, I might be doing a little experimenting.  Just hang in there and any feedback is welcome!

PPS – Don’t forget It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC!!  It’s my second favorite holiday special (second to A Charlie Brown Christmas, of course)!

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