Breaking the Rules

It’s time to confess…we’re breaking the rules.  We had this plan in August to cut back on drinking.  Remember?  Well, it hasn’t gone quite as planned.  While we could be disappointed that we didn’t stick to our plan exactly as expected, habits certainly have changed in our household.  Baby steps…

Our most recent offense was just last night.  It was a good week for it.  Sean’s been busier at work so those wheels have been turning all over the place, and then there’s my job, which, well…  Yeah.  After a brief stint at Sean’s firm’s happy hour, we had dinner together close to his office.  We’ve sort of made friends with the bartenders at this particular restaurant, which is fun.  (And that’s because we eat dinner at the bar, for the record.)

photo 1

And the real point of my confession is to reveal that I’ve developed a taste for bourbon and whiskey!  Sean can drink bourbon and whiskey on their own.  Neat, splash of water, on the rocks, dash of club soda, he can do all of that.  I’m still in the Old Fashioned or in need of some other mixer in order to fully enjoy phase.  But I’m glad to discover that I like it.  Whiskey is a big deal in my family.  I come from a long line of card carrying Jack Daniels drinkers.  (I mean that seriously, they actually carry Squire cards.  Sean’s been Squired and keeps his right behind his driver’s license.)  Equally important, I’ve been searching for years for a good fall/winter cocktail.  Gin or vodka tonics are my drink of choice, but they’re too fruity and refreshing for colder months.  photo 2

This Old Fashioned is with rye which helps balance out some of the sweetness of an Old Fashioned.  Thanks to our bartender friends for that tip.

I’m not sure I’m Squire material yet.  But, I’m hoping I make those card carrying Jack Daniels drinkers proud with my new discovery.  (I’m looking at you, Dad!)

Hope you find the perfect way to keep yourself warm and cozy this weekend.  Cheers!

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