Founder’s Day

The 9th marked Sigma Kappa’s Founders’ Day and I headed to the University of Maryland to celebrate.  photo 1

Because I serve on the Advisory Board for the University of Maryland’s chapter, I hear a lot of stories.  Some warrant simply an eye roll for the lack of better judgement by the women and some are down right shocking.  I could never imagine making those decisions when I was in college.  My friends and I often wonder if our advisors had similar thoughts about us, but we were so awesome that’s hard to imagine.  The celebration on Saturday started with a house tour and alumnae mingling with collegians over tea.  My good friend, Ashley, and I sat at a table together with three collegians.  These women were so delightful.  They chatted with us about current events, and asked us questions and seemed genuinely interested in our answers.  They spoke to us about their future goals, and these women are very motivated to do some good in this world.  It was really refreshing and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to speak with them.  The stories I hear about the chapter paired with all the press the millennials are getting these days, it’s sometimes hard not to get wrapped up in the idea that millennials are lazy and terrible and the future is doomed.  It’s not.  They’re delightful, just different.  When has the last time one generation mirrored another exactly?  Never.

photo 4

photo 3

The chapter house did not look like this when I was in college.  It’s a really beautiful remodel.


Ashley and I have this amazing habit of wearing similar outfits to Founders’ Day without any coordination beforehand.

A side note: I really love Maryland but now that I live in Virginia it sometimes feels like a far drive.  It takes me 45 minutes to an hour one way to get to Sigma Kappa.  The shining light for me is that occasionally my drive is timed perfectly with an awesome NPR show like Car Talk or This American Life.  Saturday’s drive was timed with This American Life.  Have you ever listened?  I really feel this past Saturday’s show, about the seven things you shouldn’t talk about according one of the procedure’s English mother, and last week’s show on fiascoes (specifically the first story about a production of Peter Pan gone wrong which is hilarious) are worth a listen.

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