Are still excited about monthly wedding anniversaries, and yesterday marked a year and seven months.  We celebrated with pizza.



Is very busy at work and wishes he could have a more consistent workload.  (Although it’s the nature of the beast, where was all of this in September?)  Is still quite chipper and can be found singing around the house almost a little more than usual.  Is having trouble staying asleep through his normal waking time because….



Has a bizarre love for cold weather and around this time of year loves to bark and bark and bark at 5:00 a.m.  Is generally very happy and always loves a good petting session.

Sarah's Fee


Feels she is the only person she knows who is excited about fall weather and the quickly approaching start to fall/winter holidays!  Is excited to start on some holiday crafts.  Is happy to have executed a successful work event on Wednesday.  Is trying very hard to get back to a four runs a week schedule but is struggling.

My post is inspired by this post from Elise Blaha.

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