The Yellow Brick Bank

On our way to Nemacolin this past weekend, Sean and I stopped for dinner at my most favorite restaurant, the Yellow Brick Bank in Shepherdstown, WV.  When my parents were still living in Western Maryland the Yellow Brick Bank was 30 minutes away and we’d go there for my birthday and on Black Friday.  It was where my sister had her first taste of real Welsh Rarebit and where I fell in love with Coquilles St. Jacques.  Their old fashioned chocolate sauce is THE best.  It hardens just enough when it hits your cold ice cream but still remains smooth and soft and perfect.  Plus, I’ve had a crush on the host/manager there since high school.

This isn’t the first time Sean and I have stopped at the Yellow Brick Bank on our way to Nemacolin.  In the fall of 2010 Sean’s firm had an outing at Nemacolin.  Sean picked me up from work on Friday and we started to make our way.  He said he’d found a place for dinner at a mid-way point.  “Fun.  Where are we going?,” I asked.  “It’s called Yeah Bob’s,” Sean replied.  Huh.  “What kind of food?”  “Italian.”  Double huh.  “I would have though hamburgers with a name like Yeah Bob’s,” I said.  “Me too but it’s Italian,” Sean said.  I’m very gullible.  We went this crazy way seeing what felt like almost all of West Virginia which is sort of out of the way for a trip from DC to Nemacolin.  Yet it wasn’t until we were almost right in the heart of Shepherdstown that I figured out that Yeah Bob’s was code for Yellow Brick Bank.  Sean said later he almost called it YBB but thought I might figure it out.  I’m not so sure but Yeah Bob’s makes for a funnier story.  It was Sean’s first time so I told him all about my crush on the host and spoke highly of the menu items.  On our way out of town we stopped by a wine store and learned that Willamette Valley is pronounced Will-AM-ette instead of Willim-it as we’d been saying.  This is our favorite valley for Pinot Noir so it was an important revelation.

When we made the plans to go to Nemacolin for a visit with Maggie and Dustin, Sean was quick to make sure we included a trip to Yeah Bob’s on the itinerary.  Just as we did last time, we stopped there for dinner on Friday.
photo 2

It’s name comes from the fact that it was an old 3I love this room.  So many fun meals here!photo 4photo 5It’s fun that the old vault is now the wine cellar.

To be completely honest, it was a bit of a disappointment this time.  First of all, my crush didn’t greet us when we walked in, and I didn’t spot him the whole night.  Importantly, they changed bread bakers, or just don’t have one anymore.  There were key items, like the pizzette appetizer (a flatbread/pizza type item), that were perfect thanks in part to the bread.  They may have also changed the chef.  It looks the same but it’s just not the same.  Change is hard sometimes.  Shepherdstown is such a sweet town, and I have such a fondness for it and the Yellow Brick Bank, but I don’t think we’ll be back for awhile.

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