Afternoon Tea

My friend Nina was in town this weekend and it was so great to see her!  Life changes can be so bittersweet.  Nina went to law school about three years ago and now lives in Denver, but there was a glorious six year period where we both lived in DC and became friends.  We toured museums, went to every restaurant week (sometimes twice in one week), explored non-restaurant week restaurants, made dinners together with Hungry Girl and Eating Well recipes, and talked and shared and understood.  She’s been an important friend during difficult and easy times.  I miss her and am sad she’s not back in DC, but it makes it all the more special when I do get to see her.  Our activity on Sunday was afternoon tea at the Willard.  It was the perfect activity for 1

Perfect because food has been an important part of our friendship from the beginning and this was a food experience we hadn’t had together.  Plus, somehow just the idea of an afternoon tea feels very us.  More importantly, no one bothered us.  We sat down, choose our tea, they dropped off the snacks, and didn’t bother us again.  They asked to reheat our water but that was it.  We’ve been to a few restaurants where they want us to eat, pay, and leave.  We like to talk and 3

The scones were the best.  You can barely see it, but jams came with those scones (you can kind of see them to the right).  Nina cut her scones into 8ths in order to make the most of those combinations!  She enjoyed every bite!

Even though I don’t drink tea normally, I like the idea of afternoon tea and the tea paired with Nina’s wonderful company made for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Thanks for fitting me into your trip, Nina!

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