Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Sean and I had a nice time spending the holiday with my parents in Oregon and the rest of the weekend wine tasting and eating our way through the Willamette Valley.  We are seriously stuffed.  We may have overdone it a bit and will be eating nothing but fruits and vegetables from now until Christmas.  Which is only partially true.  We’re also Pinoted out, which is a little surprising but with good timing.

My immediate family has never lived close to our extended families, so quiet Thanksgivings are the norm for us.  I missed having Maggie and Dustin there, but it was nice to get some one-on-one time with my parents.  My mom’s friend, Solange, also joined our table for our Thanksgiving feast.  She was such a delightful addition to our party!

photo 1photo 2My mom let me arrange our centerpiece.  I still have some learning to do when it comes to floral arranging, but I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I loved those curly branches!photo 4 photo 3This is Sean’s third time with us for Thanksgiving and his third time making green bean casserole for our table.  Not that it’s ever bad, but it was very delicious this year.photo 9photo 10It occurs to me that I still pile my plate like a little kid with specific separate plate areas for each time of food.  Will I ever grow out of this?  Maybe some people will always like separate areas for different food items?  Anyway, those mashed sweet potatoes were new to our table this year.  They were whipped sweet potatoes with chipotle and they were delicious!  Thanks for requesting sweet potatoes, Solange!

photo 5 If there was any doubt that I am my mother’s daughter!photo 7Between dinner and dessert the men watched sports and us gals went to check out The Festival of Trees.  Organizations and individuals decorate trees and wreaths all the name of charity.  Bids are taken for the items and the proceeds go to a hospice house in Eugene.  I thought we were going to see the trees as a way to ring in the holiday season.  That was only partially true.  My mom participated!  With colleagues she decorated a Wizard of Oz themed tree!
photo 11 photo 15Look at this tornado!  (My mom was not responsible for this element, but I couldn’t get over it.)photo 12My mom created Emerald City!  Can you believe it?photo 17 Of course this won a prize!  Best use of theme.photo 13photo 14 I really loved this pipe cleaner poinsettia and feel I might attempt my own one year.

The next morning we did a little Christmas decorating of our own.photo 20photo 21photo 19And my parents pulled out our stockings to fill with some early Christmas goodies.photo 22Cheers to the Christmas season!  Back later this week with more about out trip around Oregon wine country.

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