Willamette Valley

After everyone recovered from the excitement Friday afternoon, Sean and I headed to McMinnville, OR to check into our bed & breakfast and find our dinner spot.  I was so happy to find that our bed & breakfast was already decorated for Christmas when we arrived!  photo 1We had dinner about five blocks away at a great spot called Thistle.  photo 14photo 9photo 11photo 2We made friends with the bartender and after a drink of our own choosing he made each of us something fun.  He was a really cool guy.photo 5photo 7photo 6No menus here.  Instead you ordered from the board.  I was happy we sat right under it because everyone coming in had to make their choices before being seated.  Dinner was delicious.photo 8And we left very happy.

The next day we headed out for some wine.  We started at Domaine Serene which was by far our favorite tasting in Willamette Valley and our favorite tasting experience of all time so far.  photo 19photo 26photo 20It turns out that Ice Age floods carried sediments to the Willamette Valley making it extremely fertile.  It also carried the bones of Woolly Mammoths to the area even though these creates never lived there.  I can’t remember where this statue originally stood, but one of the co-owners loved it and bought it for the property.photo 25More Christmas decorations!  Don’t you love those bunches of grapes?photo 21The woman pouring for us heard us mention that we wanted to take their regularly scheduled tour at noon.  Because it was such a heavy traffic weekend the tour wasn’t so organized, so we had a private tour which was great!photo 22photo 24

Our next stop was Sokol Blosser, which was crowded and loud.  It was a beautiful space though.  My picture doesn’t quite do it justice.photo 30photo 28photo 31photo 29We had lunch, walked around the town of Newburg, and just generally enjoyed our time together.  Wine tasting can take it out of you!  We ended up heading back to our bed & breakfast to take naps before dinner.  Then we ended the whole night with ice cream from a cute place in McMinnville with one of those old pianos that plays by itself.  Sean loved it.photo 32photo 33Mint chocolate chip for Sean and pumpkin for me.  Neither of us understand the others choices of ice cream.

As I mentioned, we were a little Pinoted out even after this day, but we still enjoyed seeing the Willamette Valley and tasting in it.  Next and final stop of our Thanksgiving trip: Portland!

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