The Most Wonderful Time!

Even though we were tired and feeling our jet lag a little last Tuesday evening, we got up the first of our Christmas decorations and I’ve been making additions ever since.2013 Christmas Decorations 002Our tree is my favorite part.  Four years ago Sean bought this tree, his first, because he knew I loved Christmas and wanted to have a decorated home when I came over.  He also purchased several ornaments that documented the time we’d spent together so far that year.  My favorite from his first batch of ornaments in 2010 are the sky divers.  We sky dived for Sean’s 30th birthday in September of that year.  I ended up jumping out of the plane before him, so we always make sure that my jumper ornament is slightly lower than his jumper ornament.2013 Christmas Decorations 004

We’ve kept the tradition alive and have continued to purchase ornaments to mark everything from trips to our engagement to our wedding to Aiden to my graduation from grad school and so forth.  Sean commented this year that if we ever want to remember what we’ve done or where we’ve been in a year we should just pull out or ornaments.2013 Christmas Decorations 003v2

New this year I bought the Merry Christmas banner kit from Paper Source, and also snowflake garland kits for our two dining room windows.2013 Christmas Decorations 011

I bought Aiden two toys for his stocking this weekend but made the mistake of squeaking one.  He got so excited that I gave him the smaller of the two and Sean and I played with him.  More than the toy, I think he just liked the attention.2013 Christmas Decorations 005I’m sad we don’t have a fireplace for these, but the wall will do for now.

2013 Christmas Decorations 010My mom and dad made this nativity scene when Maggie and I were kids. When they upgraded I asked for this set.  I just love it.2013 Christmas Decorations 007Maggie painted the little birdie on the left.  Unfortunately some animal got a hold of it one year and ate its tail.2013 Christmas Decorations 009And I was responsible for the sheep dog.  That big blue dot is not an ear.  It’s an eye.

It snowed here on Sunday (and is also snowing right this very minute!), and I’ve been wearing a Santa hat and listening to Christmas music as I wrap Christmas presents.  We are in the holiday spirit over here!  And I really mean we.  I totally caught Sean humming “Fa-La-La-La” before bed last night.  He tried to deny it, but the Christmas spirit is catching on!

And in just two weeks it’ll be Christmas Eve!  I can hardly wait!

2 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time!

  1. Me either!!!! Although I’m no where near ready. But, whether everything gets done or not as long as we are together it will be Christmas!!! I just need to keep telling myself that.

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