Office Holiday Parties Round 2

photo 3Our last and final office party was this past Friday, and it was at the Museum of Natural History.  A great space for a holiday party because of all the interesting exhibits.  I haven’t been to this museum in a long time and boy has it changed!

photo 2This is me as a cave woman.  As Sean said, we’re pretty sure they didn’t have lipstick back then.  Still fun.  Sean and I spent a lot of time in the exhibits.  photo 1Maybe borderline too much time in the exhibits.

In high school I was voted most friendly, but I heard rumors that I was also a top contender for most shy.  So while that sounds a little ridiculous that one person could be in the running for both of those categories, it’s an accurate depiction of me.  I really try to be friendly and go through all these little rituals to pump myself up for social situations, but it doesn’t always work out the way I want.  Friday was a prime example of this.  I don’t have a group at work, but here are plenty of people that I interact with.  This wasn’t enough to carry me through.  We certainly said hello to the colleagues on my team, but there a lot of time spent as just the two of us.  It wasn’t a total fail since we did speak with my colleagues, but it wasn’t a great success either.  It makes me wish I were consistently more confident in social situations.  But at least we’re done with parties like this for the year!photo 4Sean’s office is about two blocks up on the left.

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