The Nutcracker

Sean wins husband of the year in my book because this year was the third year in a row he went to The Nutcracker with me.  The Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker performance at the Warner Theatre makes me so happy.  photo 1

I can’t say it’s the best Nutcracker I’ve ever seen (although, there was a noticeable improvement this year over the last two), but they try to tailor the show to DC which is so fun to me.  Instead of a Land of Sweets we have Springtime Under the Cherry Blossoms, where Anacostia Native Americans and a group of cardinals (the state bird of Virginia), among others entertain Clara and the Nutcracker Prince.  photo 2

The first year we went together the Nationals’ large-head President mascots made an appearance during one dance.  It was 3We went the first Friday in December and it made me so happy to kick off the Christmas season this way.  Although (and, Favorite, I promise this won’t be our reality), I kind of wish we were seeing it again this weekend right before Christmas Eve.  I can’t help it!  I know it’s the same thing every year but I just love the Christmas magic that happens in this show.  I still love Christmas, but I miss that feeling of Christmas magic that I think really peaks when you’re a child.  Anyway, although I love it, I might be in search of a new Christmas show for next year.  Four years in a row might be too much for my husband.

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