Thanksgiving Videos

I went into our trip to Oregon with the idea that I would make a video similar to our San Francisco video, but when I looked at my videos they were all wine swishing in glasses and food and mountains and feet walking in leaves, etc.  The material for something interesting just wasn’t there and luckily I’d also taken pictures (something I didn’t do in San Francisco) because pictures told the better story for our Oregon trip.

That being said, there are two from Thanksgiving that I really enjoy and wanted to share/remember/not lose track of.  I had forgotten about them until I was scrolling through my phone the other night.

Here we have Sean grating cheese into his green bean casserole mix and giving me a fantastic eyebrow raise.  Also, please note my mom’s comment in the background.

My parents are trying to figure something out, could you tell?  Shortly after moving to Eugene my mom started to get invited to all of these Pampered Chef parties.  Among her purchases was a cheese grater.  It’s lovely.  Folds in half to save space and works like a charm…if you can remember how to unfold it, of course.  This took us awhile, and we all took turns trying to figure it out.  We decide to give Sean an old grater so he could keep making progress on his dish while my parents continued to work on Mom’s new grater.  She finally pulls out the instructions….

And my dad finally figures it out before looking at them!  We’re surprised and delighted because you won’t think a cheese grater would be so difficult.  Way to go, Dad!

These make me laugh.  Hope your Christmas is filled with silly moments just like these with family, friends, or whoever you’re with celebrating.  These little, silly moments are kind of the best, aren’t they?

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