Christmas in Missouri

Christmas 2013 029Well, Christmas was awesome and went by so fast and now here I am back at work and it’s kind of a bummer.  We celebrated Christmas in Missouri with Sean’s family this year.  It was my first Christmas celebration in Missouri and let me tell you, Christmases in Missouri are bursting at the seams with traditions.  There’s so much to get excited about and look forward to.  I remember last year when Sean celebrated with my family for the first time.  At a certain point he said something along the lines of this is great and all, but it’s not my family’s Christmas.  I didn’t know how to take that at the time, but now I get it.  Christmas in Missouri is really something special.Christmas 2013 025Christmas 2013 026Beth made me a stocking!  The night before we arrived I had this terrible dream that Mike, Sean’s sister Allison’s fiance (fiance, as in not officially a family member like I am) had a stocking when we arrived on Christmas Eve and I didn’t.  I barely ever remember my dreams, so I think this shows how much having my own stocking meant to me.Christmas 2013 033Christmas 2013 032It was snowy and cold when we arrived but by the end of the week it warmed and everything melted.  At least we had the snow for a little bit to get us in the spirit.

Once everyone is home and awake there’s the ornament ceremony.  Everyone has two ornaments.  The first is definitely each child’s baby’s first Christmas ornament and I can’t quite remember the second.  Everyone gets to place their ornament on the tree in whatever spot they want.Christmas 2013 040This is Shelley’s.Christmas 2013 048This is Allison’s.Christmas 2013 047THIS IS MINE!  Yes, even I was included in the ornament ceremony with this ornament, a scene of Old Town Alexandria where we got married, and a Home for the Holidays ornament.Christmas 2013 046It’s hard to tell but I placed my Old Town ornament near Sean’s baby ornaments because we’re married.  Christmas 2013 042He wasn’t nearly as excited as I was about this placement, as seen here.Christmas 2013 036There’s party mix, which Rich makes.  It’s delicious and he makes a ton.  Christmas 2013 051This party is reserved only for Christmas.Christmas 2013 072There’s the preparation of Christmas Eve lunch made up of prime rib, green bean casserole, potato casserole, salad, and rolls.Christmas 2013 073Christmas 2013 076Yum!Christmas 2013 034There’s lots of pajama time and plenty of cuddle time with Candy, who’s friendly and happy and so very sweet.photoThere’s snacks and cookies before a late mass.Christmas 2013 082 Christmas 2013 080 Christmas 2013 079The sugar cookies are getting their own post because they’re almost tradition within a tradition.  Stay tuned.

Kind of funny about church this year, we were 20 minutes late.  It’s amusing we were late period, but even more so that Rich is a Deacon at the church.  At least we made it!  And check out these decorations!  What a beautiful church!Christmas 2013 088 Christmas 2013 089

Christmas 2013 084I did a bad job and this is one of the only pictures I took of people.

Christmas 2013 091On Christmas morning Santa visited and filled our stockings!  I also contributed to the stockings.  Christmas 2013 094I found these really cute cardboard people via this blog and knew I had order one for everyone.  They turned out really well and were so fun to order.Christmas 2013 102Presents were followed by egg casserole, which is delicious and I’m now in possession of the recipe.  photo 1 photo 2Then we played with Santa gifts before heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for further celebration.  Christmas 2013 103Sadly this is the only picture I took at their house, but how cute are these kissing Clauses?

Just bursting!  Thanks for introducing me and welcoming me to Christmases in Missouri!

4 thoughts on “Christmas in Missouri

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  2. We are so glad that you and Sean were here to share it with us. It was having everyone here at home that made it most special for us!

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