The Art of the Christmas Sugar Cookie…Missouri Style

Christmas 2013 066As I mentioned in the Christmas in Missouri post, sugar cookies are a tradition within a tradition.  The first tradition being that cookies are served as snacks in general throughout Christmas but most importantly as part of the snack spread before mass on Christmas Eve.  Then the decorating of the cookies to get them ready for the snack spread is its own thing.  I wish I had captured Allison’s explanation from the beginning.


I love Sean’s dad saying “it’s amazing” after being told I was outlining the cookies in a different color.  It’s funny.  I was still getting my feet wet with the process and could only think about how my mom outlines the cookies in white and then colors the insides.  I had a hard time letting go of that even though my mom doesn’t use the star tip.  It’s a different method entirely.Christmas 2013 050We ended up with a very cheery color palette.  I wouldn’t call this super bright though. Christmas 2013 052I had no idea this is the proper way to put a tip on the end of a bag!Christmas 2013 055Christmas 2013 054The classic way to fill a bag in this household is with a cup.  I used this method too and it was nice and easy.Christmas 2013 053But Shelley’s pretty fancy and can do it freehand.Christmas 2013 064Allison’s the best at mustaches, eyebrows, and leaves.  I mean, isn’t that the cutest mustache?!Christmas 2013 070Christmas 2013 068Beautiful!  And fun!

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