The Raphael Hotel

Christmas 2013 003I’m just so excited about 2014 that I wanted to get started right away on posts all about how we’re approaching the new year.  But there’s more of 2013 to tell!  So let’s wrap that up in the next few days so we can really get on with 2014, shall we?

We shall.  Before we made our way to Sean’s parents’ house for Christmas we spent a night in Kansas City at the Raphael Hotel.  We wanted to go to the Raphael because Sean’s parents have dinner in their restaurant, Chaz, every year for their anniversary (which just happens to be June 2nd, my birthday and the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s  coronation.  A very good day indeed!).  Plus, Sean came here for dinner before he went to prom!  How fun is that?Christmas 2013 001Christmas 2013 002The hotel is right across from Kansas City’s Plaza, which is neat.  They outline all the buildings with lights for the holidays and it’s so pretty.  It was so, so cold when we arrived in Missouri, so we did not make it to the Plaza to enjoy the lights at night.005v2Christmas 2013 004When Sean made the reservation he asked for an alcove, thinking there was only one.  The one he sat in when he came here for dinner before prom.  Turns out there are multiple and sadly we did not sit in the prom alcove.  But ours was still lovely.009v2Our entrees stole the show.  Risotto with scallops for me, lamb for him, and truffled mac and cheese for us.

Christmas 2013 019Christmas 2013 020Christmas 2013 021The hotel was also very nice.  Especially these chairs.  I thought they were so fun.

It was a nice little stop on our way to Christmas, to a place that has special meaning to Sean’s family.  I’m not sure why I’m so interested in younger Sean but I am.  I was really glad to eat where he ate for prom and imagine his high school self there with his date and friends.

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